Deboli, svantaggiati - Persone con disabilità -  Angelo Marra - 05/12/2017

Digital Content and Disability - UCL Centre for Digital Humanities

This afternoon seminar will examine accessibility and usability issues in digital content, with a particular – but not exclusive – emphasis on learning-disabled people. Within this area, themes will centre around different hardware (mobile, laptop, e-book reader), media (web, e-book, apps), barriers to effective use and experts from various sectors will explain initiatives attempting to address the differing access needs. 

Partly in tandem with the astonishing rise in Smartphone technology and sales, the consumption of digital information has become an essential part of modern life. However, despite anti-discriminatory legislation and greater awareness of disabilities, much digital material is still not designed for easy access by people with all kinds of impairments. And technology - such as smaller screens and keyboards, and even the ‘swipe’ facility inherent in mobile technology - may add further layers of difficulty. This at a time when, for example, the population is getting older and dementia is on the rise. There are the joint challenges of creating original accessible content and that of adapting existing content to meet accessibility needs. This event will attempt to explain current research and thinking on these issues as well as highlight the experiences of practitioners and others. 

An expert panel of speakers has been drawn together including representatives from the field (the NHS, charities), Universities (UCL, Oxford) and overseas (Italy, Denmark). 

It will be of interest to content providers, publishers, educationalists, librarians, supporters of people with disabilities (whether professional or informal carers etc.), interface designers and interested academics.  It represents an opportunity to understand an increasingly significant issue, see how others have responded and work out how to better target and market products. 

The seminar is part-funded by The British Academy, as part of a Post-Doctoral Fellowship awarded to Dr Peter Williams, conference co-organiser and co-chair. 

Doors will open from 13:00 for registration, and the event will start at 14:00. The event will be followed by a short wine reception.

The registration fee is £95/person; please register online if you're paying by card, or email Kerstin Michaels if you wish to pay by invoice. Some student and speaker concessions are available - please email Pete Williams for more information. 

A provisional programme is now available to view at