Varie, Persone con disabilità -  Marra Angelo D. - 2015-03-16


La disabilità nella letteratura e al momento affascinante che può interessare anche il pubblico italiano:è on-line il nuovo numero della rivista della Liverpool Hope University che si occupa di letteratura, Disability Studies e Cultural Stitudies.

Volume  9, Number 1 / 2015 of Journal of Literary & Cultural Disability  Studies is now available on the website at

The  Journal of Literary & Cultural Disability Studies (JLCDS) contains a  wide variety of textual analyses that are informed by disability theory  and, by extension, experiences of disability,  it is essential reading for scholars whose work concentrates on the  portrayal of disability in literature. You can keep up to date with the  journal by clicking here to sign up to new issue alerts, and can learn more about the title at its website page here.

This issue contains:

Life with Dead Metaphors

p. 1

Tanya Titchkosky

DOI: 10.3828/jlcds.2015.1


Utopian Possibilities

p. 19

Claire P. Curtis

DOI: 10.3828/jlcds.2015.2


A Painfully "Nice Family"

p. 35

Rachel Herzl-Betz

DOI: 10.3828/jlcds.2015.3


Body Arts

p. 53

Sarah Orem

DOI: 10.3828/jlcds.2015.4


Geniuses without Imagination

p. 71

Marion Quirici

DOI: 10.3828/jlcds.2015.5


Conflicting Models of Care for People with Mental Disabilities in Charles Dickens's Fiction and Journalism

p. 89

Gillian Ray-Barruel

DOI: 10.3828/jlcds.2015.6


Comment from the Field

p. 107

Anna Wates, Hari Byles

DOI: 10.3828/jlcds.2015.7


Book Reviews

p. 113

Owen Barden, Hannah Tweed

DOI: 10.3828/jlcds.2015.8


About the Contributors

p. 121

DOI: 10.3828/jlcds.2015.9


Professor Tobin Siebers

p. 123

DOI: 10.3828/jlcds.2015.10


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